Veterans of the watch industry know that automatic watch winders are a relatively new addition to the horological enthusiast's world. Such an odd thing really. What did the last several decades of collectors do when they had large collections of automatic winding mechanical watches? I really don't know. In my ongoing coverage of watch winders, I seek to find the perfect winder for you. Each model and brand has something unique to offer, and will be right for many people. Personally, I have a growing collection of all sorts of winders. No winder is perfect, and the right one will depend on where you store watch, how large your wrists are, and of course your budget. For you right here is a review of the very nice SwissKubiK. It is a very modern and well designed watch winder that for some will be the world's most perfect winder.

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The Cvstos Challenge-R (get it, "challenger") 50 Chronograph watch is nice overall. Perhaps not their most inspired design, but has enough technical looking sportiness to not horrendously insult anyone who wears it. The 45mm wide titanium case has a nice mix of brushed and polished surfaces, and enough design elements that work in other watches are adopted here so that ti doesn't look too bad. Really the main problem with the watch is the price and the hands. Those tiny, tiny little hands. Why do they look so lilliputian?  Why would they do this to the poor dial? Though if you look at the bottom image of the watch on a bracelet, looks like the brand started to get the message about the hands as they look a bit larger. Or am I just seeing things?

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You'll notice a USB port in the rear of the unit. This isn't for charging or power, but rather to connect the SwissKubiK to your computer to access some addition functions. It actually would have been pretty cool if this could be used for power as well. To get the necessary software to access these special functions, you will need to download it via SwissKubiK's website. This is optional software, and you don't need it to use the winder. The default winding program is 1900 rotations a day, 950 turn in each direction. You can see an screenshot image of the software here, which allows you to customize your winder. People will appreciate being able to indicate the exact amount of rotations a day, and in which directions. The software also lets you check the battery life, and test the various functions of the winder to make sure it is operating properly. Easy to use, and a good companion to a luxury watch winder.

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Tick tick tick... makes you think of a quartz watch right? WRONG! Well, at least in this case. This fancy little Dutchman is a dead-beat watch. No that the type of dead-beat that won't pay child support, but rather a mechanical watch with a ticking seconds hand. The hell you say!? Yes, it is true, quartz watches didn't invent the ticking hand. In fact, for a long time the dead-beat seconds hand has a unique use for certain watch owners, and was in itself a novel complication just like a regulator or anything else. I actually think it is very cool, and dead-beat second watches have the advantage of allowing you to know exactly when a second hits, as opposed to judging the progress of a sweeping seconds hand. However, (you know this however) dead-beat seconds watches are rare because no one watches them confused with a quartz timepiece! Trust me, you spend ,000 and up on a dead-beat second watch, and you don't want people thinking you have merely a very pretty quartz timepieces.

Seeing a watch like this out of context is not always a good idea. Meaning that if you are the middle of big city looking for desk divers you might pass this one over. Be on a boat, or at a tropic beach resort and the timepiece grabs at you. It just has a very tropic beach instrument look to it. Maybe check out the watch on your laptop while sitting at a pool to see what I mean.

The movement contains 98 parts tucked into a space of 14 x 4.8 x 3.4mm and weighs just 1 gram! In the blown up pictures, you can appreciate the amazing detailed engraving work but lose the scale. To give you an idea, the whole mechanism is smaller than the tip of a sharpened pencil. It would seem a team of Lilliputians from Jonathan Swift’s satiric tale would be the perfect craftspeople to work in such a tiny space. But alas, they are busy warring with their neighbors in Blefusco.

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Oris Divers Date Watch – Solid Choice

Oris Divers Date Watch – Solid Choice

The little globe is visible through a few sapphire crystal windows around the case. Which is nice, but I hope you are more or less already aware of what the globe looks like. If this is your first lesson in geography, by all means, please spend your money elsewhere. The Roman number 5 o'clock hour indicator doubles as an indicator telling you where noon (I think) is on the globe. For this reason, there are three times, which is why I presume the watch is called the GMT-3.

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Sinn 900 Pilot S Chronograph Watch

Sinn 900 Pilot S Chronograph Watch

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MB&F really started as Max built the Opus watch collection at Harry Winston. A 'one crazy watch a year' concept that put Harry Winston on the map to watch lovers. Business-wise the Opus collection was a mixed bag. The high complication timepieces were extremely expensive to make, and didn't have the profit margins that quartz-based diamond decorated women's watches did. But quartz diamond watches just aren't that interesting to people like us, are they? After Harry Winston Max built MB&F and proceeded to continue his concept of the one crazy watch a year concept. The Horological Machine # 3 was the third major creation for the brand, and showcased exactly what MB&F could do. While The HM1 and HM2 were great timepieces, the HM3 really saw Max flexing his design muscles. Of course, the HM4 Thunderbolt takes that even further.

MB&F wanted me to wear an Horological Machine # 3 watch to the Pebble Beach Concours de Elegance 2010, which I wrote about here. How could I keep from writing a full on review for aBlogtoRead? To many people the ability to tote around an MB&F is a dream. It represents the pinnacle in indulging a luxury lover's gadget fetish - to wear a highly complex, beautifully made creation which is a wearable statement of one's values and appreciation for the more avant garde fine things in life. It is a statement as much as it is a love of art. Max Busser has resolutely captured a niche section of the luxury wrist watch market, and offers no signs of letting go.

The dial also pops with detail, from the swirling guilloche to the individually cut and polished faceted hour markers.

If I could go back and add an additional watch to my Top 5 watches at Baselworld 2010, it would be this new collection from Bell & Ross. Last year, one of their hottest models was the BR01-92 Instrument Heritage (that I wrote about here). It had a new (old) type of vintage aircraft cockpit dial design and a tan leather strap that looked like it was made out of baseball glove leather. People loves the pieces, and it finalized Bell & Ross's trifecta of aircraft instrument themed watches (though there will be more I am sure). While not the subject of this article entirely, I have placed an image here of the new Bell & Ross BR03-92 Heritage watch that is in the smaller 42mm wide BR03 case, as opposed to the 46mm wide BR01 case. While the BR03 Heritage was technically announced last year, this is the first time I have seen it. One change for the BR03 Heritage is that the leather strap is free from the "branding" that the BR01 Heritage watch had.

Peter Speake-Marin is a highly noteworthy independent watch maker who has his hands in many interesting watches out there. Most important of course is his own brand, Speake-Marin. 2010 sees a new model, and most importantly a new movement - the Speake-Marin in-house made SM2 automatic. The movement is really beautiful. You can see it through the new Marin 1 watch caseback - being able to appreciate not only Speake-Marin's attention to detail and decoration, but also how beautifully it is made. The hallmark of a true luxury movement is that it looks beautiful from a quality standpoint, and that the actually design of it is made with form and function in mind. The automatic rotor has a hidden weight on the bottom so that seeing it from the top makes it look symmetrical. The design (which is carried over to other parts of the movement) of the rotor is very cool looking, like a mixture of classic floral decoration and tribal style tattoos.

The aviator inspired calfskin leather strap is black and custom made for the MB&F. It really does complete the theme of the watch which starts with A-10 airplanes. The finish on the case is a combo of polished and satin finished sections. You can tell that the polishing was very difficult. MB&F informed me that their case finishers laughed at them when they said they wanted satin finish on the case. It has to do with the tiny spaces that need to be polished and the size of the satin finishing brush. Somehow there were able to get it done, and I have a feeling they will continue to perfect the process. It is nice to know that this watch isn't just some limited edition - but rather a new permanent part of the MB&F timepiece family. Though the brand will only make about 2 of them a month. The waiting list for one is already many, many months long, even with its price tag of 8,000. Even at that entry-level Ferrari cost, knowing the competition, the HM4 Thunderbolt seems like a good deal.

Sissi SAKI-FARIÑA got her Ph. D. in Computer Sciences, at the age of 20 at MIT. Sissi made a fortune free-lancing as a statistical analyst for the biggest search-engine company in the world during her studying years at the MIT however lost all of it in the 2008 financial debacle. She was hired as a scientific consultant by the south-Asian microchip factory last September, after the engineers discovered the trail of uncanny performances by the “Perfect Five” batch of microprocessors. Sissy was hired by the Linde Werdelin founders after a very exciting meeting in Copenhagen where everyone agreed that the NGX 5128 code would be the best project for the first “Summit”.

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. Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph Calibre 1887 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Like I said, you will recognize the design elements including the Arabic numeral "12" and hour marker styles from digital clocks. Without being a cheesy homage to he 1980's, RSW was able to incorporate a vintage style looking dial on a modern watch, and do it well. The large hands are very easy to read, and taken from another RSW piece known simply as the Diving Tool Watch. The dial is also enhanced by SuperLumiNova luminant. In addition to a few case style choices, there are a number of dial choices. Black with a variety of hand and numeral colors (such as green, yellow, red, white), and with a white dial or silvered dial. RSW is pretty much just having a fun time offering a number of colorful options. Who knows what will sell the best, they all look pretty neat depending on your taste.

Strap & Buckle:
Black hand-stitched alligator with 18K white gold & titanium custom designed deployment buckle

Oris Col Moschin Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

Oris Col Moschin Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Juan Pablo Montoya Watch Available On James List

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It's a nice looking watch, and I like that they didn't enlarge it. 40mm is a perfect size for a versatile dress/sport watch design like this, and 12mm thick will slide under most shirt cuffs.