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Frank Muller Perpetual Calendar

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HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 34

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 34

Oris Col Moschin Limited Edition Watch Hands-On Watch Releases

The GA100 (aka GA-100) collection is not without its quirks, but overall it is a great watch. Casio calls it the "X-Large Combi" because the case is a bit big, and it is a combination of both analog hands and four small LCD screens. This mixture of both elements has been done before, but works in a very stylish and fun manner here. Aside from just the hip, industrial style of the watch, it has some less than common features for Casio timepieces. First is the 1/1000 of a second stopwatch (chronograph) function. When you need such precision, or how reliable your fingers are when it comes to such small variations in time - I don't know. But what I do know is that you have the ability to measure very small differences in time, which makes this a bona fide gadget watch!

Tag Heuer Aquaracer

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Tutima DI 300 German Dive Watch Review

Tutima DI 300 German Dive Watch Review

OK people, here is the new "Double Freak," better know as the Freak Diavolo watch from Ulysse Nardin. This is a first look at the watch - and it is strictly a prototype. So you'll see stuff on the the piece here that will clearly be improved, removed, or otherwise changes. Take for instance the black around the bezel that will eventually be black vulcanized rubber. That application on the bezel is for display purposes only. Oh, and you like that little "NOT FOR SALE" reminder on the back of the watch? I wanna see a store try to peddle this one off. The Freak Diavolo isn't a replacement for the original Freak, but rather a different watch. According to Ulysse Nardin, the standard Freak (is it really that "standard?") isn't going to stop being produced. The Freak Diavolo will be a more complex, more expensive watch that features a tourbillon on top, of what is sort of already a type of tourbillon.

The watch is large but really comfortable. These watches are meant to make a statement. At 47mm wide, I am surprised the piece fits so well on my wrist, but it does. Case is in steel and black PVD coated. Stefan opted for a thin bezel so that you could get maximum dial size. This design is actually quite uncommon on pieces this big. Though at the same time future Stefan Johansson Vaxjo watches are going to have a case and bezel redesign. The smooth looking black case is not the highlight of the piece, and the design makes that clear. The case is good looking and comfy, but like I said, your eyes are pulled toward the dial. The Mark VIII line has quite a lot of dial treatments to choose from. Stefan likes playing with the look. Each has a common personality though, and I think you will appreciate how he plays with the core concept that is the watch. The watches each contain a decorated Swiss ETA automatic Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement. The subsidiary seconds dial at 9 o'clock is removed for a more symmetrical dial. If you need to count the seconds, you can simply use the chronograph.

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I know that the next time I visit John his office will be different. Fully moved in, the big watch boss’s operation will take the products and personalities that are so obsessed over in Europe and do the necessary task of actually selling them. The thing that no one liked to mention often is that the luxury watch industry relies on people continually buying new, highly expensive watches. Collector’s get their “watch fix” and everyone is happy. The industry needs that stream of interest that keeps clients coming back for more. John’s role is perhaps not as appreciated as it should be. He plays the ongoing games of making the buyers happy. This involves not only learning about new products, but resolving their issues during and post sale — something that the brand themselves are notoriously bad at. While Simonian is a big boss, he is also an army. Fighting the good fight that keeps the watch industry gears lubricated.

TechnoMarine Watches Back On The Block

TechnoMarine Watches Back On The Block

Hublot King Power Formula 1 Monza Limited Edition Watch Hands-On Exclusive Hands-On

If you like the color of the watch, enjoy the features, or are a Casio fan, the Pathfinder PAG110C-3 is a decent addition to your collection. Especially if you find yourself without a proper watch to wear on St. Patrick's day. While not strictly a limited edition, I feel that the watch will have a limited production given that it is as special watch. So don't wait too long to get one. Price is 0 for the watch, and it is exclusively available on

Replica Tudor Watches

Which brings me to Essex, a newer dive watch brand born in Germany. The watches are very self explanatory - and I like that. You don't need to search for hidden meanings or appeal - you either like them or you don't, and it doesn't take long to figure that out. These are butch looking dive watches with a functional Teutonic spirit, and not a lot of fluff. If you know dive watches, then you know how a piece like this fits into the ecology of designs and features. It has a comfortable predictability to it - as though you have seen something like this  many times before, but not exactly with this face.

The Malton 160 Cushion is still just an image (seen below), so I didn't get to see it. It looks to have a Valjoux 7750 automatic movement and a great style. I would gladly wear it. Love that red cabochon in the crown. An interesting way of inserting color into the watch (there is also a thin strip of red in the 8 o'clock hour indicator).

Panerai doesn't even call their material ceramic really, but rather "Composite." Why? Not sure, there must be some sneaky marketing decision. One of the reasons likely has to do with the fact that Panerai uses a different type of ceramic. It is very light, and stated to be much harder than standard ceramics. The hardness is a little bit harder that standard zirconia ceramics, and way harder than steel. In terms of weight, Panerai Composite weighs less than titanium, and just a bit more than aluminum. In fact, the material is said to be a ceramic based on aluminum - but much harder. In reality while wearing the watch, the lightness makes itself clear. The watch doesn't feel like it weights much at all, the opposite of the standard Panerai watch feel. At 47mm wide, the PAM339 Radiomir Composite Marina Militare 8 Giorni (8 Day) watch isn't small, and again, it is very light.

Rolex Date Explorer

Hands: Micro-blasted red with white SuperLuminovaâ„¢

Deadbeat seconds mechanism: Independent mechanism, cam with 30 teeth on the going gear train on the seconds wheel, escape wheel on the seconds wheel of the independent gear train, double lever with jeweled pallets

See Panerai watches on Amazon here.Panerai PAM339 Radiomir Composite Marina Militare 8 Giorni Watch Watch Releases

Panerai PAM339 Radiomir Composite Marina Militare 8 Giorni Watch Watch Releases
Panerai PAM 505 Radiomir Black Seal Composite Case 3 Day 44 mm Special Edition
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Panerai PAM339 Radiomir Composite Marina Militare 8 Giorni Watch Watch Releases
Panerai Radiomir Black Seal 3 Days Automatic Mens Watch PAM00388
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Panerai PAM339 Radiomir Composite Marina Militare 8 Giorni Watch Watch Releases
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TudorMini Sub

The watch dial is in pilot watch style like I said. Complete with the triangle and two dots 12 o'clock hour indicator. MB&F used their special futuristic font for the Arabic hour numerals, and hands that feel familiar to the brand. The black dial is contrasted with white SuperLumiNova luminant on the hour markers and the hands.

IWC: The Book, The Manufacture Book Reviews

666 has a funny habit of making the hour and minute hand the same size. Differentiating them in color as opposed to length. It can be hard to get used to, but it is charmingly quirky. Speaking of charmingly quirky, notice the 666 "John" watch for women. A large 45mm wide steel watch for ladies with a really long thin leather strap. The dial is clean but crazy, and has those equal size hands I was talking about. Watchismo can't keep these pieces in stock. To wear the watch, a woman must creatively wrap the strap around her wrist many times bondage-style, to attached the piece. The interesting watch isn't for every woman, but it is a fascinating experiment. Feels like something out of sci-fi limbo when you don't know whether the future is going to be better or worse that today. The stark uncertainty of the design plays with horological traditionalism.The 666 John watches come in various colors and go for 9.

Replica Hublot MP collection

The little "SMT" indicator on the dial is for turning on and off day light saving time by the way. The other area is part of the manual sync functions for the atomic clock synchronization. Otherwise the dials are pretty clean, and with the large hand and applied hour numerals (both coated with luminant) this is a very legible, sensible looking high-function timepiece!

Rotating aluminium domes, stationary hands

We all knew it was coming. First there was the new Aquaracer (called the Aquaracer 500M because it didn't actually totally replace the more basic Aquaracer) and now there is the chronograph version. It looks pretty rad actually. Feeling very similar to a dive version of the new Carrera, this watch has a similar layout, but not the 1887 automatic chronograph. The Aquaracer 500M Automatic Chronograph has a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 that they refer to as the Calibre 16 movement.

Replica Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Classic Small Watches

A likely reaction to the fact that Hublot is growing. As I said, the manufacture will be larger by the winter of 2010, and Hublot will be making thousands of movements a year. I wonder what Hublot will be like a few years from now. Mature with their in-house movements, new models, and a legion of new fans and owners. Hublot is poised to be a new phenomenon in luxury sport watches. The gold standard in marketing, design, and image. Image being the most important part of it.

Functionally the Deep Hull is a very serious diver. 1000 meters of water resistance. Automatic helium escape valve. Lots of lume, rotating diver's bezel, rubber strap... and of course... cool name. Design wise I like the case, but I feel as though it is missing something. As though after I look it over I am left wondering, "is that it?" As though I want it to have just one more trick up its sleeve.

Oris RAID Chronograph Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Breguet Tradition

Urwerk UR-CC1 King Cobra Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Juan Pablo Montoya Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

What do we have here? Doesn't look like a new Tissot T-Touch you say? Well look closer. It is. These are part of the Tissot T-Touch 2 collection of watches, that will secretly replace the original T-Touch models. Actually, the best way to see that they are T-Touch 2 watches is by looking at the LCD screen, and by looking at the back of the watch. I actually didn't have a chance to snap a picture of the back of the watch, but it does say T-Touch 2 back there. The LCD screen is expanded a bit, to look more like that on the T-Touch Expert. The real reason for the new model was because the original T-Touch had some problems with the movement and water resistance. The T-Touch Expert wasn't a replacement because it was bigger and more expensive. So while the T-Touch kept selling well, Tissot was dedicated to releasing a new version that improves upon the original, and resolves the issues that consumers complained about.

Replica Longiness Dolce Vita Watches

Of course I tried it out. The Tissot Reality program isn't exactly lean. It is an over 80mb download, but runs smoothly and installs easily. It automatically connects with your webcam, so there was basically no set up. Just strap on the piece of paper and wave it in front of your webcam. There is a choosing device along the left side of the program. You must actually have the paper in view on the screen to choose new watches. The view is totally in 3D. It doesn't get all angles, and isn't always perfectly aligned, but it does a pretty good job. You have a limited amount of tilt with the watch, and moving your wrist closer to the camera will zoom in on the watch - very cool. The program ever has simulated glare when moving the watch around.

You'll no doubt notice that the movement is a modified Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph. The movement has been modified to remove the calendar information, and instead use that area for a power reserve indicator (that is meant to look like Spyker fuel gauges). The movement has a superior level of decoration - about as much as you could ask for on this movement. Plus, Spyker places a special custom automatic rotor that is cut like wheel spokes - and looks really amazing (incredible detail).

The first new Zenith watch of 2010 that I saw bored me to sleep at night. It wasn't a bad watch, but it just didn't do anything for me except remind of all the other watches that look like it. Now I learn about another new for 2010 timepiece that I actually do like (though it is not very practical). It isn't the neatest watch in the world, but it does take a very uncommon complication and places it into 1970s retro sport watch (why? Don't ask why... What? You know better than the Swiss?). Jaeger-LeCoultre released a watch with the same complication this year, but in a more classy traditional style watch. The complication is a foudroyante, and Zenith is specially equipped to make one. A foudroyante (also known as a "jumping seconds" watch) is a watch with a chronograph that is able to measure fractions of a second, done via a dedicated dial. The Jaeger-LeCoultre watch does more things as a watch, but doesn't have as fancy a foudroyante being able to measure only 1/6th of a second. Using its El Primero movement that runs at a higher rate of 36,000 beats per a minute, Zenith is able to measure 1/10th of a second because its movement beats 10 times per a seconds.