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There are a lot of things that Rolex does right.  Rolex’s sapphire crystals with the tell-tale cyclops, tractor-like movements, and patented water tight cases are what define tool watches. Despite Rolex's numerous patents and technical achievements, there are aspects that Rolex completely misses.  Night visibility and the amount of lume on a Rolex watch face and hands is always a criticism, and the "tuna-can" like clasp and bracelet links that are truly utilitarian and rarely failed, but were frequently criticized when matched with other brands. Many now-vintage Rolex watches do not have the original bracelet as that was the first item to wear out.  For decades Rolex's glacier-like design changes and staying true to being "evolutionary" rather than be "revolutionary," leaves a classic watch open for improvements.

For what it is, the i-Gucci is not a bad watch. It is unique and well-composed on the wrist. Gucci pushes it as a fashion piece but stopping there would really be undermining the relatively well-designed digital movement and feature set. Though, it is not without its quirks as I mentioned above. I took the i-Gucci on some international travel and it fared well. I liked using the chronograph feature in-flight, and always having two time zones at a glance was very handy when you are far away from home. With a lot of options, the i-Gucci comes in a healthy variety as well. Price isn't cheap though. These Gucci i-Gucci Sport models retail for ,550. You can buy them via Gucci's e-boutique here.

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Box and packaging are good, reinforced leather travel case that you can re-use.

The principle complication here is a five minute repeater. The trick is that activation of the repeater is the only way to see the time - on the dial that is. Turning one of the crowns activates the five minute repeater, which also activates the dial animation. The figurine moves along a linear path indicating the hour, while either a star (men's Midnight model) or kite (ladies' model) moves across the sky to indicate the minutes. A five-minute repeater will use a series of gongs and hammers to sound a song that tells the time to the closest five minute mark. Charming.

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