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Because that is who I am - I perform on stage - I appreciate fine wine and great cuisine - and I love the ocean.

I am fortunate to present you with this special watch review from guest Mr. Paul Hubbard, a distinguished fellow watch lover and reviewer online. You'll find more of his work at, and you'll find that these days Mr. Hubbard practically runs the site. This quality review is of a quite controversial watch. Why? Because it is not only a Chinese watch with a Chinese movement (actually the base movement might be Japanese), but it is labeled as such. For a number of reasons some people refuse to accept Chinese watches as being legit brands, part of this has to do with the fact that China is the major source of replica watches. However, you'll find that China makes a lot of the parts that go into high-end European watches, but they don't exactly advertise that fact. Sea-Gull is of the few Chinese watch brands that do a decent job marketing themselves, and offer an arguably good value. Chinese watches are not nearly at the point of quite being competitor watches to Japanese or European watches, but instead offer a different appeal. Here you can get a true-to-life classic looking watch that you don't have to worry about beating up. Take the 40mm wide stainless steel M177 watch for what it is - an interesting interpretation of classic watches from a wholly Chinese watch manufacturer. The price is quite low, easily a mere fraction of comparably styled European watches - but you do get what you pay for. If you explore Sea-Gull's site a bit, you can see that they have gold watches and those with traditionally upscale complications such minute repeaters and tourbillons. These go for many thousands - all from a Chinese maker. I have no idea how those do, but this under 0 timepiece is probably a safer investment. Please see Mr. Hubbard's interesting straight forward review below of his Sea-Gull M177 mechanical automatic watch.

Like a throwback to the old days, where all men wore bespoke suits... Wearing a good watch will be in again - and soon. We will start getting away from the strictly flashy styles and return to more heirloom-styled timepieces.



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