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In sating finished and polished titanium, the case is 42mm wide, and wears a bit large. It is water resistant to 100 meters, and has front and rear sapphire crystals. Movement is a Swiss ETA 2894-2 automatic, with a special signature Porsche Design rotor. The chronograph pushers and crown have grated surfaces for traction and ease of use (as well as design). Luminant is applied to the hands and I believe the hour indicators as well.

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The Divers Date comes in a few color styles. With the black dial, blue dial, and black dial with the partially red bezel. There are also lume dial (that look greenish), in the titanium versions. They should glow like mofos. The standard lume on the watch is actually bluish, which is nice. If you look closely you will notice a wave pattern texture on the dial that also looks good (similar to what you'd find on a Omega Seamaster 300m). Oris is unique for having its arrow head (sort of) style hour markers and the similar looking baton hands. Oris segments the hour hand to make it stand out from the hour hand more. I admit that marketing images like this of the watch do not do it justice. Google "Oris Diver Date" for owner images and reviews. You'll be sure it is a nice watch then, and you can really see how curvy and chunky the case is. A real professional tool as so many watches wish they could be.

The unveiling event included the three men responsible for the content in the book. Though in reality, IWC as a whole deserves a pat on the back for getting the book done. Manfred, Paulo, and Enki are three totally different types of men, and IWC likely has some amusing stories involving the trio collaborating on the book. In fact, the event itself was the first time that the three men ever met each other. Prior to that, all the work was done remotely and via IWC as a conduit. The German, the Frenchman, and the Brazilian each added something interesting to the history book, above and beyond what IWC would have created if it was an entirely in-house effort.

This is a new way of enjoying something old. Since the 1980's the classic Mondaine Official Swiss Railways watch design has been a staple of affordable good design. That it was easy to read, was merely a significant plus. The look has been adapted in a million ways, with each still feeling relatively fresh. Here is the Mondaine Railway Giant watch - a contemporary interpretation on a minimalist look, that is surprisingly more minimalist. To be honest, I don't quite get the "Giant" part of the name. This isn't a giant watch. Although it wears large due to the thin bezel. The case is polished steel and 42mm wide.

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I like Bertolucci watches mostly, they are nicely made and designed. Often with quartz movements, but good lookers for the fashion crowd. Though these watches are a bit to 'mouthy' for my taste. What they have done is create a looped bridge over the dial and separated the sapphire crystal into two pieces. Hard to do that and get good watch resistance still - expensive as well. Bertolucci feels that their Giro line (which includes most of these watches) is "casual chic." Perhaps it is more "gaping maw chic?"

The design of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme Lab 2 watch case is more science fiction that science - though the watch is designed to be worn on the most demanding of scientific expeditions. The case is 46.8mm wide and water resistant to 100 meters. The extremely complex construction has materials sandwiched between other materials, with some ceramic thrown in the mix. The design feels purposeful and reassuring it is quality. Indented areas on the side of the case add to the complexity of the design and a feeling that the watch is a serious device more complex than you ought to understand. The case is actually really light for its size - especially the titanium version. I love the look of it, and the ceramic bezel is a factor that will help reduce visual wear and tear (as ceramic is really hard to scratch). I just love the look of the case - it is masculine, feels sturdy, is totally unique, and gives the watch a fantastic character.

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Chopard L.U.C Engine One Tourbillon Watch Hands-On

Chopard L.U.C Engine One Tourbillon Watch Hands-On

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The watch case is a bit beefier as well and it has a solid looking rotating diver's bezel. One issue with the bezel is that it is on the harder side to turn (though it wears in a bit with usage), but at least is isn't loose and does not wiggle at all. The watch also has an upgraded crown that is larger, more precision cut, and has the Magrette logo in relief (as opposed to a simple laser cut). It looks better all around and again is a screw-in crown. There is also a new caseback cover that has a good quality look to its engraving and fits nicely. Overall I can say that the improvements here are all in the right direction. Plus, it all works together to give the Moana Pacific Diver a water resistance of 500 meters.

It is cool, it is crazy, it is almost 0,000. "Piece Unique" watch maker Jean Dunand presents the Palace watch. A pretty incredible looking timepiece. In addition to my article over at Haute Living (see link bel0w), I have for you what I believe are the very first live photographs of the watch, that I was able to take. Enjoy it... I certainly did.

Tourbillon cage
- Inclined at a 25° angle, 24-second rotation
- Cage pillars in Avional
- Titanium cage bridges
- Gold counterweight

The dial isn't at all hard to read. You have the typical blued steel hands that are centrally mounted and the Cartier Roman numerals. The dial is the standard silverish tone that Cartier is good at offering. the "plateau" part of the dial has some nice guilloche machine engraving that looks classy. Then you have a bit more of the engraving on the lower part of the dial around the base of the plateau. The entire composition is topped off with the Cartier crown with a blue sapphire crystal cabochon. While the watch is not limited in production, the movements are individually numbered. Price is pretty up there. I forget the exact amount but it is over 0,000. Don't worry, there is at least one nice new Cartier release this year that won't break the bank (as hard). Otherwise you can appreciate this Cartier Astrotourbillon as I do be charmed by its style and ingenuity from a place you might have no expected.

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HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 33

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 33

I have to mention the box that the Kia Kaha comes in. Magrette always has impressed me with their product packaging, but their newest box style is the best. It comes in a large, hand-made New Zealand Kauri wood box with a hinged top. The new design and layout is very nicely done, and the wood has a fantastic finish to it. I love the almost intoxicating smell of freshly worked wood - it reminds you of being in a timber artisan's workshop. You'll certainly put you nose close to the box now and again for a serious whiff of the fragrance. Really one of the best looking (and smelling) watch cases on the market - certainly in this price range.

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And then 2009 saw lots of rubber, silly looking dials, and some questionable designs. Nothing about the new watches communicated a lack of physical quality or watches that were too hard to read, but rather they lacked the right design, as well as refinement. No longer was Tiffany & Co. the maker of classy watches. That isn't to say that none of their new watches is classy or well done, but such "proper models" are certainly more rare in the line up. I actually even like a few of their new watches. For instance the Atlas three-hand men's watch in steel and rubber is pretty cool. The chronograph looks too silly for me, but overall the watches are decent. Decent yes, but not Tiffany. These look more akin to watches offered by Calvin Klein (coincidentally another Swatch Group licensee brand). Maybe good for 0, not good for ,000. So there is nothing wrong with them, but they don't match what Tiffany's exacting image requirements should be, and don't look at all like watches that should cost a few thousand dollars. Swatch Group apparently is really confident that the Tiffany & Co. name alone on a watch will overcome design not fit for the brand. These are lower cost looking watches with a Tiffany & Co. name on them. I would prefer watches that look more expensive than they are and have the Tiffany & Co. name on them.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme Lab 2 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

I like that Breguet is taking women seriously and produced a high complication for us. They weren’t entirely brave though because they hedged their bets by packing on the diamonds There are ~3cts on the bezel, ~.14cts on the folding clasp, and another ~.26cts from the one set in the crown, which is reflected in the hefty 9,800 retail price.

Maitres du Temps Chapter One Round Watch

Maitres du Temps Chapter One Round Watch

Anonimo has a few new interesting watch for us to enjoy. Here are three of them that are interesting and display for you what is common for the brand. Starting from the top here are the Anonimo Cronoscopio Mark II, D-Date II and the Pulluce Magnum. You can see while each of them is similar in style, there are enough differences in each for Anonimo to say that they don't just change around dials to make new watches. Plus the styles of each is just a mere military style analog. Each has its one special sort of uniqueness that gives the brand arguably more character than greats such as Panerai.

Movement is a Maurice Lacroix made ML 153 manually wound movement which is in-house made. It has 48 hours of power reserve, is a regulator with a power reserve indicator, and a gear/disc for reading the hours. The clover gear moves the square gear that has an opening and small SuperLumiNova tipped hand in it that points to one of the hours on the hour scale. Minutes are read by the centrally mounted hand, and there is a subsidiary seconds dial below. The dial is a cool looking etched surface that has been cut using some pretty fancy techniques.

Probably the most iconic of 666's current collection is the Under Pressure models. Based on the style of a pressure gauge, this is a weird, but oddly wonderful watch. Also 45mm wide in steel, the dial comes in metallic orange, gold, silver, or textured black, with an orange seconds hand an a negative LCD display for the time. The watch actually has two movements. One for the LCD based Swiss quartz movement, and another for the independent seconds hand that goes around the dial once each 30 seconds. The two movements aren't connected, and you can start and stop the central seconds hand by pulling the crown out. Weird? Totally, but it has a really fun appeal. Also comfy on a wide black leather strap in the lugless case that 666 likes to use.  9 each - a possible gotta-have for trendy types.

The current Reine de Naples line of watches is inspired by the watch Abraham-Louis Breguet created for Napoleon Bonaparte's sister Caroline, Queen of Naples. In honor of the 200th anniversary of the original, Breguet has introduced a Grande Complication to the collection called the automatic strike. Every hour, two hammers located in apertures at 11 and 1 o’clock remind the wearer that another hour has passed with a double strike, which is repeated three times. Breguet has done a variation of what is called sonnerie en passant, a passing strike that chimes once on the hour.

The SNR005 watch contains a Spring Drive caliber 5R65 automatic movement. It has 30 jewels and a power reserve of about 72 hours. This movement has the basic Spring Drive features that other movements have expanded upon. This includes the time, date, and power reserve indicator. You can hand wind the movement as well of course. You'll hear a different type of sound than you normally would with a standard mechanical watch. Because Spring Drive has a mainspring and not a battery, that is what the crown is winding. When the mainspring runs down, instead of feeding power to an escapement, it feeds power to a special quartz regulator that acts like a brake. It slows the power to be highly consistent. The release of this power can be seen by the "glide wheel," which is what replaces an escapement. Seeing this wheel in action (through the back of the watch) allows you to understand why the seconds hand moves so smoothly without ticking. I like that Seiko placed the date on a dark colored disc to match the dial. Back on the matter of winding. Hand-winding the movement feels very efficient, while it seems to take automatic winding a bit more to power the watch to full. After a day of wearing the watch, the power reserve won't necessarily be lower than it originally was, but it won't necessarily be in the full position either. This means that the watch won't run down on you, but if you live a less "wrist active" lifestyle or don't wear the watch as much, I recommend putting it in a watch winder or keeping an eye on the power reserve indicator to hand-wind it if necessary.

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