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Cartier Astrotourbillon Carbon Crystal Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Both the Tide Temp Compass and Perpetual Calendar offer additional functionality over a typical low-cost quartz watch but something does feel off about each one. It's almost as if they are both trying a little bit too hard to be something they are not. Despite aiming to be a nautical adventure watch, the Tide Temp Compass isn't built for true aquatic life. Likewise, the Perpetual Calendar tries to look the part of a sophisticated dress watch but the dial appears cluttered and more casual when a closer look is taken. These aspects can be overlooked given the sub-0 price points assuming you like the styles. The Timex Intelligent Quartz Tide Temp Compass and Perpetual Calendar watches are available now for 0-200 USD and 0-175 USD respectively.

The Christopher Ward C900 Single Pusher Chronograph

The Christopher Ward C900 Single Pusher Chronograph

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Sinn 857 Watch Watch Releases

One of my favorite parts of this watch is the strap. The Cartier "toile de voile" strap is made of a thick black nylon with a leather doubling interior. While the complete watch stands at just under 140 grams, Cartier's choice of a nylon strap results in a very comfortable and easy to wear timepiece.

If you've ever seen a watch with a slide rule bezel and haven't known how to use it, we have a little guide for you. As many of you know, watches with slide rule functions have 2 logarithmic scales (the outer of which turns). In contrast, a tachymeter scale is hyperbolic and typically has numbers that run in from infinity down to sixty. Both slide rule and tachymeter watches use non-linear scales. Let's look a bit at a generic scale.

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