Two for the Road: A Pair of Titanium Ingenieurs from IWC-Swiss Replica

Speaking of Rolex, they are famous for their pickiness when it comes metal use. One story relates to a massive shipment of metal to their factory for processing into watch parts. Each time metal arrives, Rolex (among many other quality watch makers) will test the metal for its conformity with the ordered level of quality. On this occasion, the steel had something along the lines of just a little bit too much nickel, or other ore in it. Most people agreed that the minor deviation was marginal, and had no real effect on the quality. Nevertheless, Rolex rejected the entire shipment. Costing someone millions, but maintaining their reputation. Rolex is relatively conservative in the metals they use sticking with high quality steel, platinum, and gold (see gold Rolex President watches)

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Kobold Polar Surveyor Duo On eBay Ending Nov-28-07 17:05:41 PST: Two Gold Watches To Lust After

Kobold Polar Surveyor Duo On eBay Ending Nov-28-07 17:05:41 PST: Two Gold Watches To Lust After

As an unexpected modern twist, DeWitt provides a USB powered watch winder for the WX-1. I have to say that I was amazed to hear this. Why? Well first of all watch companies are notoriously slated in the past. I mean we are talking the dedicated production of mechanical watches, that from a pure efficiency standpoint more or less seceded from being practical once the quartz watch movement proved to be infinitely cheaper and more accurate. Ah, but the mechanical watch is so much more sexy. Why do we prefer a fine vintage wine, when Pabst Blue Ribbon beer will do the trick? It is because mechanical watches are seeped in tradition, romance, and the most important element of all to a coveting collector; they are extremely difficult to design and manufacture. So when DeWitt coupled the WX-1 with a USB charger, I was impressed and intrigued. The USB charging unit functions like a little stand for the watch. You deploy the dedicated winding stem from the watch with a small lever (the winding stem is located in the side porthole next to the tourbillon window). Once the stem is extended, it connects with the charger that turns it intermittently. It's amusing that you can connect this triumph of mechanical nostalgia to a computer for power purposes. I find this fact charming, and perhaps highly telling of watch the luxury watch industry is all about; producing creations of art and excess that must still conform to lifestyle and practical considerations.

Temption Cora Is One Of The Finest Female Watches I Know Of: One Rare Model Available Watch Releases

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The Helix brand was launched using Swiss movements and high quality parts, but priced to American market standards. This means a well built watch that won't breach the 00 mark. They focus on functionality and good looks. Perhaps not the most aggressively designed watches, but American watch makers leave unproven design experiments to the Swiss and Japanese.

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Citizen Campanola Grand Complication Review: Radiant Example Of Detail And Refinement

Citizen Campanola Grand Complication Review: Radiant Example Of Detail And Refinement

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Oh man, this one is rare, but you've got to love it. I think this is a perfect combination of style and technology that is bested in few places. Further, this particular Citizen Campanola is extremely rare. Probably only a handful are in the US. One of these is available right now on eBay. There are only 2000 of them in the entire world.

See Hublot watches on Amazon here.Hublot MDM Professional Watch On eBay: Great "Pre-Big Bang" Diver's Watch Sales & Auctions

Hublot MDM Professional Watch On eBay: Great "Pre-Big Bang" Diver's Watch Sales & Auctions
Hublot Big Bang w diamond bezel
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Hublot MDM Professional Watch On eBay: Great "Pre-Big Bang" Diver's Watch Sales & Auctions
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When you see a giant Invicta you are going to be a bit awed that someone would release such large watches, but admiring them may also be a guilty pleasure. Because there is a watch (or several) for each person, I cannot dismiss the size right off the bat. But let it be known that many of the new Invicta watches are in freak territory in terms of size. There may be such a thing as too much excess when it comes to these larger Invicta. Then again, can you blame them for pushing the envelope?

Secret Society of Odd Acquisitions' Steampunk eBay store.

Jacob & Co. Lord Of The Bling Dances His Way Into Jail; No, Not For Selling Fugly Watches Watch Industry News Jacob & Co. Lord Of The Bling Dances His Way Into Jail; No, Not For Selling Fugly Watches Watch Industry News Tragedy ensues in many communities as watch maker and jeweler Jacob & Co. founder Jacob Arabov will be sent to prison for 30 months. The crime was essentially laundering drug money and lying to law enforcement while providing false documents. Arabov's organized crime client "The Black Mafia Family" (this is what they are called and I am not sure if it is a literal statement, but I feel bad for their lack of creativity if it is) seemed to entrust "Jacob the Jeweler" with lots of drug money. Naturally, you'd give illicit money to the jeweler to entrust right? He'll just put your money into high yield precious gems. Arabov did anyone would do, defer to a big client when 100s of millions of dollars are at stake. I honestly feel bad for the guy, stuck between a rock (diamond) and a hard place (more diamonds). He probably felt like he didn't have much of a choice.

Inside is a trusty ETA 2824-2 automatic movement. As stated before, because Certina is part of the Swatch Group, it can enjoy ETA movement for years to come, as in 2010 ETA will no longer provide movements to any watch makers outside of the Swatch Group. Available with a black or "ivory" face, you can really see all the places that this watch might fit in, and for a few hundred bucks new, it is a decent investment or gift.

The Xemex is sized smaller than the BR-01, which is a very large watch. Both share an automatic ETA movement, but the Xemex Avenue uses a ETA 2824-2 versus a 2894. Xemex offers both a black crocodile strap or a rubber strap based on whether you wish to opt for a more formal or sporty persona for your wrist wear. You can even get this model Xemex Avenue ref. 2805.04 in Xemex's own cream colored yellow (for the dial), but I'd stick with the attractive black face.

Chances are that your watch is mostly metal. Sure there are plastic or ceramic watches. And those made of other exotic compounds (Carbon, Kevlar, etc...), but most watches are some form of metal. And metals are not all created equally. No one here needs a lesson on geology or metallurgy, nor am I prepared to offer one, but watch metals are far more varied that "steel, titanium, gold, and platinum." First comes the base metal out of the ground, then comes industrialization to refine, mix, and alter the based compounds which create the metals we wear everyday. Lastly, there's the delicate process of machining and shaping the metal.

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YES Watches Offer Celestial Time Telling At A Glance

YES Watches Offer Celestial Time Telling At A Glance

Timex Goes Upmarket: Sheds Some Cheap Plastic, Reveals Style Watch Buying There was a time when Timex was the word in mass-market blase time keeping. They might as well have had the catch-line "when all you want to do is know what time it is." So utterly devoid of any aesthetically redeeming qualities, Timex continues to pour out watches that could be purchased at your local super market or swap meet. The biggest threat to Timex? The cell phone. People who wore Timex watches could care less about what is on their wrist or what it looks like, they just need to know the time. Enter cell phones and you have your instant time teller always with you, and you don't need a watch. Perhaps not as convenient as the time on your wrist, but you don't have to wear a watch ugly as sin around anymore when your cell phone is in your pocket.

Inside are all Swiss automatic movements. The configuration looks like a Valjoux 7750, but the size of the watches would suggest use of the new ETA Valgranges movement which offers the same features as the Valjoux 7750, but is larger. Speaking of chronographs, you'll notice the large screw cap on the crown connected via a little clasp to the bottom side of the watch. This is a bit of a vestigial element on the watch, but is meant to assist with water resistance. It used to be that one method of ensuring a water-tight case was to seal in the crown. Since then, other effective means have come out, like crowns that themselves screw in, or tighter gaskets that don't allow water in at high pressures. If you want to adjust the crown on this watch, you unscrew the cap, it dangles on the little hinge so that it does not get lost, and a smaller crown is revealed underneath.

Handmade Steampunk Wearable Art: New Item From Olga Narozhna Watch Style Talented clock and steampunk artist Olga Narozhna has a new item for auction on her eBay store. She does a wonderful job of combining steampunk elements with modern style and function. Her art is all hand made, save for the watch itself that is taken apart and tastefully integrated into her work. Here you have a natural leather cuff made from several pieces of quality leather, with rivets for structure and display. Attached is a skeletonized watch movement and a number of gears and interesting mechanical elements. Not only do these pieces look very steampunk cool, but they are also comfortable unique works of art. No two are the same, and because all production is by hand, only a few are made.

The most popular CRM solutions are web-based, meaning you access them on your internet browsers. The most popular enterprise solutions are and the open-source and less expensive SugarCRM. A new and interesting player is Etelos CRM, which has an innovative manner of integrating with Google and other existing web applications and portals. Further, NetSuite CRM is a known player in the CRM for small business arena and is worth looking at. Before making a decision on using any CRM solution, it is wise to see how the others compare, and there are many!

Open the hatch, and you see the single winding module and some black velvety material. Still no switches, but there is a red LED light. The main purpose of this area is to house your watch while you are winding it. But there is some room around the side to place such items as a cleaning cloth, extra watch straps, and the little supplied screw driver. To be effective, the actual watch winding module must be quiet, and entering and removing a watch must be simple, quick, and pose not threat of damage to the watch or winder. The RX does not excel or convey a sense of reliability in any of these areas.

Sometimes I can't help but express my fondness for a watch. Those particular models that stay with you in your mind. Maybe you had your eye on it a while back. It's not that you lost interest, but perhaps other watches came and went in the meantime. And after all is said and done, those reliable watches are always there to make you happy. Before the Bell & Ross BR-01 instrument was a different flavor of Bell & Ross. A more innocent time when Bell & Ross was still finding itself.

Marcello C. Diavolo Watches: Bold New Direction From Outstanding German Watch Maker Watch Releases Marcello C. Diavolo Watches: Bold New Direction From Outstanding German Watch Maker Watch Releases The various bezel options are nice touch. Though none of them seem to be rotating bezels, this should not be a large issue to most people. I am sure Marcello C. will provide a rotating bezel version in time provided the right amount of consumer demand. My favorite bezel is probably the grooved bezel, but the coined edge version adds a more classic touch, while the raised number bezel is undoubtedly the sportiest option. Marcello C will most likely mix and match these bezels are your request. Bezels are a hard detail to get right, and here Marcello C. has wisely provided three options rather than merely settle on one, a true indicator of having the consumer in mind at all times.

A Kobold watch is meant to be fully functional and reliable and deep depths, and very cold temperatures. Their base Valjoux 7750 movements have been modified to include a AM/PM indication. The reason for this is that when you are exploring the arctic poles, the day and nights can be very long (months on end). When this occurs, you do not have the luxury of the day/night phase to know what time it is. Thus the AM/PM indicator provides the information that the normal 12 hour watch cannot. The base Valjoux 7750 is there in it's full glory. A very reliable movement that includes a 12 hour chronograph for measuring a variety time elapsations.

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The seller is actually the same one that I purchased my Citizen Campanola Grand Complication from, and the transaction went very smoothly. So you can be sure that you'll get a perfect watch. The lasting elegance of this watch is impressive. What I really cannot wait for is seeing another person who also has this watch and sharing the experience. That will be something special.