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It is difficult to explain the MB&F HM6 Space Pirate watch - let alone the MB&F brand overall - to watch world novices. What can you say about this high-end watch aside from the fact that it is a sci-fi inspired wrist toy with a lot of artistic merit in a really high-quality package, designed for an elite group of collectors around the world? Perhaps it is just that. We jump through a lot of mental hoops to convince ourselves that items such as this are more than mere toys, but isn't that meaningful enough if it brings value and enjoyment to our lives? I, for one, would feel pretty lucky to have more toys like this to play with. Those are certainly the types of things that are worth looking forward to after a life of hard work.

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The automatic movement inside the Martenero Ace is the Miyota 821A, and unlike the case, dial, hands, and other details, it is one aspect where we can sense the toll of the competitive pricing. To begin with, it has a somewhat fiddly crown, which, while screwing firmly onto its secured position, remains a bit clumsy once it has been unscrewed and used to select between the different features of the movement. The problem is that once the crown has been fully unscrewed, it tends to fall between the winding and date-setting positions, necessitating a bit of play until it finds one of its designated settings.

So let's get the name part out of the way, since I tend to harp on nomenclature (as you probably already know). While this watch is clearly part of the Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde collection, it is mislabeled, as it does not have a "grand second" hand typical of the rest of the collection, but rather a juxtaposed dial, where the hour and minute hands are where the seconds hand would be. Where the hour and minute hands normally are on Grande Seconde models, the Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Tourbillon Aventurine has an exposed tourbillon - which doubles as a second indicator. I feel like I am repeating myself, since I essentially made the same remarks two years ago.

Kirk Jewelers: Miami is a melting pot of American, Latin American, and European culture. We sell to a healthy mix of locals and visitors, with a lot of "word-of-mouth" advertising to build our reputation. Although our clientele now spans the globe and the store has significantly expanded, the original small, friendly, and personalized atmosphere remains unchanged. We also offer a wide selection of designer and bridal jewelry. We cater to first time buyers and educated collectors alike.

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With the Synopsis, however, we are looking at an offering that is much more in line with what we would expect to see from a blue-blooded manufacture like Zenith. The meaning of the word Synopsis is "a brief summary or general survey of something," and that something, in this case, is the famed El Primero movement. It has been said a million times before, but let us say it again: debuted in 1969, many consider the El Primero to be the first automatic chronograph wristwatch caliber. Zenith started working on its development in 1962, and therefore it took them seven years to develop this high-beat (36,000 beats per hour) monster of a movement – and this was at a time when no computer aided design (CAD) programs were available.

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Pisa Orologeria: As I always say, even if we can’t make a rigid classification because in our case such a very rigid analysis is not suitable to understand and to valorize the area of Milan, where there are two brands which represent our culture. On one hand, Rolex with every day and practical watches, with excellent performance that accompany us in the hectic everyday life as a “life and battle partner.” On the other side, Patek Philippe, that, with elegant and classic timepieces, still represents after many years, the dream for many of us.

Apple Watch Hands-On: The Wristwatch Just Caught Up To The 21st Century

Apple Watch Hands-On: The Wristwatch Just Caught Up To The 21st Century

As a strap maker, I typically try to encourage people to try new things. For a watch with a black dial and a steel case, you could go with a black DLC buckle to compliment the dial, rather than simply matching the steel of the case. As for color... Push the boundaries! There are many delightful combinations to be had. If there is an accent color on the watch, you can either try to match it, or go bold and try a complimentary color.

The good news is that, assuming you are outside enough, Citizen designed the Satellite Wave F100 to automatically sync to GPS in order to update both the time and calendar information. The only thing that it will not do is update your location. Speaking of the calendar information, the watch has a full perpetual calendar, even though the dial only displays the date as well as the day of the week.

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The main inspiration for this technological "tour de force" is that in 2014, Arnold & Son celebrates the 250th anniversary of its watchmaking heritage. As the story goes, it was in 1764 that the company's namesake, John Arnold was granted the permission to present to King George III a unique and small watch movement that he made. Interestingly, it was two years before, in 1762 that Arnold had established his very own workshop in London – an accomplishment most watch brands would usually consider to be a more relevant date to adhere to. Anyhow, the name and heritage that the once-British, presently Swiss made watch manufacturer carries is vast, and they certainly have been trying to live up to that.

The World's Most Expensive Watches book first became available for sale in late September, and people have been buying it on and local book stores in both English and French. Being my first book, I was really curious to see what would happen and how people would react. My goal was to create something that had appeal not only to existing watch lovers, but to "regular people," who were not yet familiar with the world of fascinating horological items. It has been truly humbling to watch people who don't know about watches flip through the pages of the book and peruse the 102 included timepieces.

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Online resources are the best destinations when researching a watch. Many dedicated collectors are available with specialized knowledge, and virtual encyclopedias have been written on the most popular models from top brands. The online marketplaces such as eBay, JamesEdition, and the watch-specific sales site Chrono24 permit trade-seekers to view many examples of a single watch reference.

The moon-phase complication is set on the lower half of the dial beneath the small seconds display. This complication, although not exclusive to mechanical movements, certainly adds some sense of mechanical superiority – which is still quite a unique aspect in women's watches. The general notion among watch manufacturers is that no matter how many diamonds are placed on a watch case, women prefer quartz watches (or rather, they do not care that much for mechanical watches), thus the majority of women's watches are quartz. However, this notion is starting to give way to the idea that there is a market for more beautifully executed mechanical women's watches.

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ABTW: What is Philadelphia best known for? What do visitors have to do, see, or eat while there?

6. Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Automatic PAM328 On Bracelet Watch Review

The 18-carat pink gold case is 44 millimeters wide and 15.70 thick – it is big, but nothing outrageous when compared to the average size of other Royal Oak Offshore models. Where there is a more noticeable difference, however, is water resistance: a mere 20 meters is noted. Now, while we have said that the movement is extremely delicate and how that prevents the watch to be used in any rocky situation, a rating of 2 bars really is, nevertheless, low – but there's good reason for that. While there presently are numerous ways of waterproofing a crown and the two chronograph pushers, sealing the minute repeater's slider on the left side of the case as well as the push-piece in the center of the crown is considerably more difficult.

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I am going to keep the Wrocket watch concept with this new Rpaige DuoFace; that is, I’ll mostly be using original antique enamel and painted metal pocket watch dials. There is just nothing made today that can match the quality of the original fire enameled pocket watch dials, nor the vast array of whimsical, and serious, Art Nouveau and Art Deco antique and vintage dials manufactured between 1870 and 1935.

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Patek Philippe also continues to use peripheral dial scales, like the tachymeter which is used in the 5270. No one uses this feature (which works with the chronograph to measure speed of a moving object), but you can consider it a still useful vestige of the past that gives the dial a sense of space and visual interest. Patek Philippe and brands like it are concerned about having dial designs be not only symmetrically balanced, but also balanced in terms of where items are placed. Dials should never feel like there is too much in one area, while there is too much white space in others. Patek Philippe is very good at ensuring this type of harmony exists on dial designs.

Timeless Luxury: We are known for many brands, but the ones that come to mind first are Grand Seiko, Bremont, and Nomos. These brands, in my mind, symbolize the future of the watch industry. Those are just the beginning. Louis Moinet, Girard Perregaux, Armin Strom, and Maurice LaCroix are just a few of the other amazing brands you will find at Timeless.

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ABTW: Most people are drawn to pre-existing watches - why did you decide to break that pattern?

Over the last few years here at aBlogtoWatch, we have been closely covering the interesting developments of not just smart watches, but also of GPS controlled watches. One of the most important models – and in fact trend-setters – is the Astron line by Seiko. We have, of course, covered the original in 2012 (hands-on here), and since then, we have also checked out the new-for-2014 – and quite striking – chronograph version as well (hands-on here). For 2015, along with six new non-limited versions, the chronograph line is extended by the Seiko Astron Solar GPS Chronograph Limited Edition styled by Giugiaro Design.