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It is my firm conviction that each watch collection must have at least one classic diving watch. I am not just talking about a timepiece with a 100 meter or more water resistance, I am talking about that look, with the three link metal bracelet, rotating bezel, and large and bright hour indicator dial. In other words, a Rolex Submariner 'homage' watch. It is ok, there are few watches that deserve such an homage, the classic Rolex diving watch is one of them. Otherwise, if you don't have a watch of this ilk in your possession, you aren't only going to feel left out, but you'll be missing out on a phenomenon of watch ownership where one style of watch, really seems to fit perfectly in every occasion and for all purposes.

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0,000 Music Box, Four Songs, On Your Wrist: Mermod Freres Primo 4 Musical Watch Watch Buying
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0,000 Music Box, Four Songs, On Your Wrist: Mermod Freres Primo 4 Musical Watch Watch Buying
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It was not until I was able to remove the plastic wrap that I began to see what this watch could do. The entire case pulls open to reveal a view of the movement. A complex flying tourbillon with a 21 power reserve due to the five barrels. The tourbillon movement is placed in a vertical position near a small porthole on the side of the case, for constant viewing. Aside from viewing the columns of gears inside the case, you have a view of a dedicated power reserve indicator, which is a necessary element when you only need to wind the watch once or twice a month.

In fact, even while this statistic is rising, the US only consumes about 15% of the wrist watch market. Newly invigorated marketing efforts are attempting to remedy this, but the bottom line is that the US is often overlooked when it comes to distribution of many watches. Europe, the Middle East, and Asia enjoy most of where the watches are going. Especially when it comes to the "boutique" makers.

Lastly, a lot of people love dealing with other watch enthusiasts to purchase watches. In my experience, this is not always the best idea. Sites like and others offer user forums where people are placing ads to sell or wanted ad to purchase watches. These locations can offer really good selections, and sometimes the only place to find the right pieces. Unless you are making a trade, you are not going to get the best prices on these forums. You are dealing with watch fanatics that know exactly what they paid for it. They are selling their watches to fund future purchases, and will want as much money as possible. I have seen really nice watches being listed for months, if not years because the seller stubbornly does not understand the concept of supply and demand.

When you get a speeding ticket there are right ways and wrong ways to get out of them. If you are lucky enough to talk your way out of it, then you have passed go, and the state cannot collect your 0 (or more). If you are written a ticket, you want to stay silent and preserve your rights. There are many tricks involved in getting you to admit your wrong. Such as the old "if you admit you were speeding, I will say you went only 10 mph over the speed limit, and not 2o mph." That is a classic plea bargain. Don't fall for it unless you are ready to pay your fine. They do this so if you ever contest the ticket in court, then can pull out their book to remind then (or place their recorded recollection into evidence) that you in fact made those remarks. The judge will believe them.

Despite the very modern appearance of this watch, a lot of of the face styling is based in Eterna history. You'll notice the many triangles in the face of the watch that go back to the original KonTiki. These make for excellent places to put Super Luminova. The hands as well are based on legibility, but like other Eterna KonTiki watches are broad like swords. The numbering style as well is in traditional Eterna motif. On the back of the case you'll find a nice little engraved emblem. Eterna loves doing this with most of their models, in an attempt to give them each a reference point in the history of the company.

The aged look of these watches give some of them gothic appeal, and a timelessness. I mention the nostalgia of alchemy, because the watch surely touches on the intersection of technology of mysticism. You could also view Romain Jerome's transformation of the Cabestan as looking like a quasi-torture instrument, but it really only hurts the wallet as they are pretty fun to look at. Romain Jerome is getting really adept at the "weathered" look. They also call it the oxidized look. Overall, it is meant to emulate the looks of metal that has been submerged in the salt watery depths for ages.

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Oris Regulateur “Der Meistertaucher” – Big Is Beautiful

Oris Regulateur “Der Meistertaucher” – Big Is Beautiful

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Pre-Basel 2008 – Certina Podium DS, A Podium Finish Every Time

Pre-Basel 2008 – Certina Podium DS, A Podium Finish Every Time

Inside BaselWorld San Francisco Dinner Afterthoughts: Weirdo Watch Afficianado Roundup Shows & Events I feel the need to talk about this event, even though I attended it in June (of 2007). I read WatchTime magazine and learned about a watch dinner (Inside Basel World) that was to be a recap of the events and news of Basel World 2007. For those of you who don't know, Basel World is the big watch trade show of the year held in Switzerland. The opportunity to attend an event like this in San Francisco was too appealing. with dinner and a "goody bag?" Yea, I could not resist. It was being held about a month before I took the bar exam, at which point I would have done just about anything to get my mind off studying.

The online watch store, Kenmar watches is now selling a full line of Botta Design watches which I discussed here. This is worth noting as Botta Design watches are among the best looking and Bauhaus minimalist watches around, and for an excellent price. Their designs earned them a Red Dot award, and I am happy to see them becoming more available.

Watch Metal: Indicator Of Value, Design, And Durability Watch Buying

I also move the rotating bezel with its serrated look. This indicates to the user not only that the bezel turns in one direction, but also which direction that is. The watch is made from light high quality titanium so it doesn't weigh too much. This is good considering it is a lovely 46mm going with the large watch look that fits a masculine and slightly aggressive looking timepiece such as this.

The first line of watches to house the Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive movement is the Velatura line. Decidedly more upscale than the typical Seiko, the Velatura line takes design influence from nautical boating watches. The large hands resemble sails, which the numeric indicators hearken the popularity of diving watches. While the Velatura line of watches is not for everyone, the Kinetic Direct Drive movement is bound to be more popular as it enters an expanding line of Seiko watches.

Robert Downey Jr.'s Range Of Watches In New Iron Man Movie; Bvlgari & Hublot Feature Articles

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The "It's Good To Be King Watch:" Backes & Strauss Berkeley Diamond Watch Watch Releases

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Why am I making a big stink about all this? Because I'd want marketers to put the same effort into selling things that consumers put into buying things. "Over sized" probably has lots of positive associations of "welcome excess," and "generous inflation" in people's minds. But the second anyone takes a moment to consider the verbage they are reading, they instantly have no idea what is being sold to them. The goal of a good marketer is to not have the consumer think, else a sale is not as likely. So when I see the term "over sized' (etc...) it makes me stop, consider how on Earth that applies to my potential purchase, and move on to something with a more concrete description. In my head, I don't want anything over sized because then it would not work.

My favorite Botta Design watch is the Helios Plus, which incorporates a spirit of pure legibility. Adding everything you need without anything you don't. The hour and minute hands align perfectly with the number markers, while the seconds display is in a subsidiary position. The result is a perfectly balanced watch from a symmetrical standpoint, with out any points of distraction. The Plus version adds a bit to the standard Helios model, including a date display.

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Marcello C. Diavolo Watch Review: Beneficent Devil In The Details Wrist Time Reviews

DeWitt Shines In The Glow Of Watch Dealer Shapur In San Francisco Hands-On DeWitt Shines In The Glow Of Watch Dealer Shapur In San Francisco Hands-On Thursday was a nice day in San Francisco, and I was excited about being invited to meet with Mr. Pierre Halimi Lachorlotte at Shapur here in San Francisco. Pierre is the General Manager of DeWitt watches here in America, which is a humble title for President of North American Operations. Another reason I was excited was the opportunity to see Shapur's new and larger retail location, which just happened to be across the street from its previous location. I recall walking by the high-end watch shop often, gazing longingly into the windows, and always being encountered by a friendly associate upon entering - regardless of my attire.

The result of this is that Patek Phillipe is snobby about their watches, and cater mostly to the already rich. Using their "private" meetings, and sponsorship of elitist events, they are shielding themselves off from becoming a maker of fine watches and art; to remaining a caterer of luxury goods to the ultra-rich. Perhaps when Thierry Stern succeeds his father things will change. Already other watch makers are beginning to understand the importance of reaching out to new markets. Regardless, Patek Philippe still has an amazing line of watches, whose lasting appeal cannot be argued. I just know that if I can ever obtain a Patek Philippe watch, I'd buy it from a private buyer, not an authorized dealer, just to show Patek how Americans enjoy a good value because we know where to find them.

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