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The watch itself uses an ETA 2892 automatic movement which is probably the best and most versatile movement that ETA offers. I would have liked to see a power reserve indicator on the watch, but perhaps that is for phase two. The 4.80 Scyllis does feature an internal rotating bezel (with excellent looking raised indicators and the yellow industrial looking strip), and a helium escape valve (pressure release valve). These features combined with a water resistance to 300 meters make for a solid and capable diving instrument. Using an integrated rubber strap, the N.O.A 4.80 Scyllis will look good over a dive suit or on your wrist. Hands on the watch are legible being large and slathered in luminant; also typical of N.O.A style hands. I really want to experience one of these watches ASAP, but that will have to wait until at least after Basel World next month. Price has not been announced, but I imagine it will be a few thousand, nothing too exorbitant for a watch this great looking.

So if you want information on watches you are stuck with the forums, blogs, retail sites; some of which are very good, but no one can give you all the answers to what you are looking for. Purveyor of watch information and reviews would benefit to band together and create a centralized portal for watch information. There is benefit for the consumer and watch enthusiast, as well as attractiveness to watch makers who want to get their goods out there.

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Rado True

The rotating bezel is also very well done. Two sections fit together to provide a dual natured bezel. One with indicators and one with actual numbers. This seems to be a running theme with the watch; giving the user options when reading it. The large "12" balances out the watch in an important way. This gives your mind an instant frame of reference for telling the time no matter what direction you are looking at the face from.

For more information on patents please visit the US Patent and Trademark office.

Inside this model is an ETA 2824-2, and a Valjoux 7750 chronograph model is also to be released. The standard model will have an impressive water resistance of 1000m while the chronograph will enjoy a still respectable 200m water resistance rating. My guess on pricing is about 0 - $ 2,500 for the range. Look for the Hamilton Below Zero Diver soon. If the latest round of Hamilton watches are a sign of what to expect in the future, then Swatch is certainly leveraging this brand well.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

With full knowledge of their audience, Bell & Ross offers a line of BR-02 models, even some in pink gold. The PVD model offer on this eBay auction is ideal, and a perfect blend of style and function. While typically well over ,500, this particular eBay auction begins at just ,800. An excellent deal for this watch.

New Temption Cameo Watch Is First Square Case For Maker: Does Not Dissapoint Watch Releases Due to the fact that Temption is such a small watch maker, you don't see new offerings from them with any frequency. Instead, you are lucky that they even make enough watches at all so that you can hope to own one someday. Temption watches are an incredibly high value at their relatively low prices. Each Temption is simply stunning with various degrees of beauty of strength in their looks. I own a Temption CGK203 which I praised here. Until now, each of their watches has had an elegant round case of some sort. Now they have released their first square watch, the Temption Cameo.

When buying a watch on eBay, you want to make sure that the watch is in the condition stated, that it will be shipped on time, and most important, that what you bought will be shipped at all. The best way to ensure this, is by talking with the seller and looking at their feedback. Not everyone needs 100% positive feedback, although it helps when doing business. What is more important is the substance of the feedback that people have. You need to dig a bit deeper into a seller's feedback to ensure you are dealing with the right person. Key areas to look are whether:

  • The seller has sold items similar to what you are buying in the past.
  • The seller has bought or sold anything recently.
  • Feedback comments are specific and not too general.
  • Past items bought or sold are not of minuscule value (unless that is what you are looking to get).
  • The seller has responded to any negative feedback.

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Interest Grows For The RSW Outland Watch: Pride Of Post Modernism Watch Releases

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This all makes a lot of sense once you know that the designer Ruedi Kulling is an industrial designer who always had a place in his heart for fashionable, yet functional wearable art. The style of European modern minimalism is obviously displayed throughout this watch which can make it difficult to identify its source. So many other makers emphasize this ideal such as Mondaine, Swatch, Ikepod, and Alessi. Regardless, what separates the Xemex is the purity of it's symmetry and purpose.

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None of the features of the Formex AS 6500, are as much of a unique selling point as is the combination of the features and look of the watch are to the buyer who takes attention. Full titanium, large square face, rugged race-inspired looks, nothing else looks quite like it, and for a few thousand, it is much cheaper than watches such as the French BRM watches that are also racing inspired, but appeal to a different pedigree of watch owner. I can see even non watch enthusiasts loving the Formex as a watch that stands out and calls attention. As such, Formex is a proud manufacture and would never release a product with form over function. These watches will operate reliably, and are intended to be highly durable. This concept might be mystifying to most consumers, but when it comes to the majority of watch makers, they must appeal to a very demanding clientèle. Take a good look at the Formex 4Speed AS 6500 GMT watch, and the rest of the Formex line of racing inspired watches.

Dangerously Deep Dwelling Sinn UX Diving Watch Available Watch Releases

The first major watch from Helix is the Okto Deep Black. An modern and attractive diving watch, build for serious performance while being affordable. The impressive 1000 meter depth rating means the Okto Deep Black can take just about anything you can throw at it. The sapphire crystal is more than 5mm thick, and the entire back meets high technical diving watch standards.

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LIP watches have been around for over 100 years, but you probably haven't heard much of them. They belong to the design orientated French crowd of watch makers, who always have interesting and artistic offerings. LIP's claim to fame was their clever contracting with popular designers of the day to create watch designs totally unheard of before. At that time during the 1960's and 1970's the world seemed bent on traveling to the future with greater haste by designing everything to be "futuristic." Utilizing new materials such as plastics and other synthetics, futurism was born, and watches like the LIP Mach 2000 series emulate it perfectly. The result was an era of design and style unlike anything the world had seen before, and the look is coming back with a vengeance.

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The LP Celano is highly functional watch as well, not just for show. The bezel rotates fluidly, yet securely. The red tipped arrow on the seconds hand is attractive, but also allows for easy viewing along with the arrow hour and minute hand. This gives me more of a reason to wear the watch rather than just the looks. The bracelet locks via a butterfly clasp which closes securely.

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Ulysse Nardin Planetarium Nicolaus Copernicus: Old World Celestial Calendar Watch Watch Releases The watch itself came in two versions. Each with yellow gold cases, but one with actual meteorite used for the dial of the watch. A good taste of the celestial for such a themed watch. The design is fitting for placement in a marble appointed museum, or alike, but the features make for comfortable daily wear. Size of the watch is 40mm. The watch is powered by an automatic in-house Ulysse Nardin movement, and is admirably legible given the amount of features that it has. I'd hate to see this watch run out of power, and the user spend hours trying to reset all the features. More likely, you'd have to send it back to Ulysse Nardin for such labor. There are several other similar watches in the aforementioned celestial themed series of watches made by master watch maker Ulysse Nardin, stay turned for more of them.

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Nivrel Sea Series Diving Watch Makes Sense For Any Collection: Coming in Red, Yellow, And Blue Trim Watch Releases Nivrel watches have a good deal of merits, but I will save such praise for another time, my focus now is on the "Sea" series of diving watches. Of which are the Red Sea, South Sea, and Deep Sea; which accordingly have red, yellow, and blue trim. By this I mean that the tips of the hands are specially colored along with the model name, and the first fifteen minutes on the rotating bezel scale. The Nivrel Red Sea and South Sea watches only differ in color, while the Nivrel Deep Sea has a deeper depth rating of 1000 meters rather than 300 meters for the other two. Inside each of the watch you will find a familiar ETA 2824-2 automatic Swiss movement, and a look enhanced by a half century of refinement.

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These are by no means the only oval shaped woman's watches, but an excellent representation of them. Reserved as pure luxury goods, most of these watch will exhibit intense detailing and use of the highest quality materials (white gold for these cases). The Girard Perregaux Cat's Eye has a hand painted mother of pearl face with a cloud-like pattern, which the Breguet Reine De Naples offers a similarly painted face and a machine guilloche tuned dial. Each decisively classic in its own way, and sure to be the pride of her Easter Sunday.

Citizen Campanola Meets Chronomaster For Super Nice, Super Accurate Watch Sales & Auctions

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One essential piece of information to understand is that this technology currently only applies to Breitling's Super Quartz movement, and not a mechanical movement, which require more pressure from the chronograph pusher. So while this is a wonderful technique for underwater watch operation, is does not yet apply to mechanical movement based watches. Regardless, it will certainly be well taken by a number of Breitling watch lovers along with diving enthusiasts.

The Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk is to space what the new Rolex Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA is to the ocean.

Shared Sentiment On Online Watch Sales And Manufacturer Internet Presence

Shared Sentiment On Online Watch Sales And Manufacturer Internet Presence

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Tag Heuer Meridiist Mobile Phone Is Official: Costs More Than Your Tag Watch, Watch Out Vertu Luxury Items Nothing has been mentioned yet about the software running on the phone, but don't expect too much. It will probably look pretty enough, and offer the basics along with the media playback. You can be guaranteed the phone will be GSM by the way. Perhaps Tag Heuer will have Modelabs will write their own software, or skinned a version of Symbian. This is speculation really, I just hope at the very least, Tag Heuer is able to take a Linux based mobile OS and make something decent out of it. You sure aren't going to see Windows Mobile running on this device. Lets just hope it can do the basics well, and isn't too much of a snob while doing so. As the device will have to last for several years at least, the battery should be user changeable, while the hardware should be enough to have the firmware upgraded for more sophisticated functionality. Lets hope Tag Heuer considered all of this.

The seller is actually the same one that I purchased my Citizen Campanola Grand Complication from, and the transaction went very smoothly. So you can be sure that you'll get a perfect watch. The lasting elegance of this watch is impressive. What I really cannot wait for is seeing another person who also has this watch and sharing the experience. That will be something special.

Xemex Speedway: Watch I Would Wear If Was A Math Teacher Watch Releases Math teacher is really the first thing that comes to mind when I see the Xemex Speedway. Don't get me wrong, but the ruler hands and sharp angularity, combined with the clear colors and the compass-like round face all make me think of measuring instruments and time proven formulae. The look is deceptively aesthetic while being minimalistic to the max. The type of watch you wear when you need to know what time it is at Ikea.