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Another small issue is that the strap is integrated with the case. This means that if you wish to replace the strap for any reason, you can't and will need to either send it in to Phosphor, or replace the watch. How big of a deal is with? Well it wouldn't stop me from buying the watch because I know in the event the strap tears I probably wore the watch enough to buy a new one. Plus, if the buckle breaks, that is something that can be repaired. So while ideally you could switch out the strap, it isn't a deal breaker for me.

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Movement diameter:                 36.00 mm

Size: diameter 31 mm, height 6,0 mm

Probably not in my opinion. While interesting, I think there is an important lesson to be learned here. Among those lessons is that these student seem to not really have a grasp of good watch design - and why would they? They never learned. Forget the fact that aside from the case, these timepieces don't really have any manner of Tag Heuer design DNA. They also feel a bit flat and overly "CADed" (too reliant on computer aided design). I am not attempting to be overly critical about the result, but rather feel that Tag Heuer might have not been thrilled with the result to choose this trio. Each of the watches in this trio have some excellent parts, but together don't make watch i think would be work making.

Speedy Tuesday – Speedmaster Professional Mark II

For many MB&F fans this watch is something they never thought they would see. Busser laughs that the creation of a round-cased watch with Roman numerals on it seems antithetical to the aesthetic MB&F until now has engendered. He does however admit that watches like the LM1 which are more classically inspired have been something he wanted wanted to explore for a while. Plus, they are apparently already three years sold out on production capacity based on orders from MB&F's biggest retailers around the world.

This is a fun watch to wear. Well-made, functional, bold but not blingy, this is a good one for grab-and-go-out. The 48mm case wears comfortably, and the destro crown keeps it from digging into the wrist. Impeccable Swiss quartz timekeeping, high-contrast dial and aircraft dial cues give you details to appreciate.

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OMEGA Speedmaster Professional DD145.0022

The Viceroy is part of their nicer collection of winders and comes in models that wind from one to eight watches. They are housed in padded black boxes that have a closing, clear acrylic front. According to Wolf Designs the boxes are put together by hand, and have a wooden frame. All it needs is a handle on the top and you could tote it around like a suitcase. The dimensions of the 6 Watch Winder units are 16.5”w x 6.25”d x 12.75”h.

To measure the intensely quick speeds the chronograph needed to ditch the traditional balance spring escapement system. The new system is more like a violin. Yea. String instruments work because strings move at specific frequencies. The size of the string and speed of the movement determines the sounds. A violin works because one string caresses another to create a vibration. The same system is used in the Mikrogirder, but Tag Heuer uses metal "blades." They are seen through an opening in the dial and can be viewed vibrating quickly when the chronograph is in operation. I don't claim to fully understand the system, but it works. The blade vibrates at 7.2 million times per an hour. Pretty wild if you ask me, and it takes some serious creativity to develop this system. Ironically enough it is a principle that has been studied and around since the 18th century. Mr. Babin was keen to share that this new machine is really based on modern implementations of historic technology.

For me what is important is the final product. The C60 Trident watches are hardly 1:1 copies of anything. They are merely inspired by some of these other fantastic timepieces. Each of them should be flattered at the attention. At the same time, the Christopher Ward C60 Trident is much less expensive than many of the pieces it borrows influence from. Those seeking an absolutely unique design might take issue, but everyone else should be more than satisfied.

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While I anticipate there to be a range of Bulova Branson watches coming, the first is a rather sober limited edition traveler's watch. It is called the Bulova Accutron Sir Richard Branson Limited Edition watch and comes in a 46mm wide titanium case. Bulova isn't being very clear on what movement it has exactly, but it is a Swiss automatic with a GMT hand. Likely a 2893 if I had a guess. Bulova further COSC Chronometer certifies its. The watch also has an inner rotating bezel with a city indicator that can be used to tell the time all over the world in collaboration with the GMT hand (if the GMT has is set to synchronize with your local time). This makes for a rather decent traveler's watch (but it is hardly unique).

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Last year's attempt at making hot selling watches in China was to reduce diameter sizes. There are other reasons for this aside from perceived Asian tastes - such as cost cutting and the popularity of vintage timepieces - but it was generally agreed that small watches were made primarily to pacify the hungry Chinese watch market. The brands then turned on the hype machines to "educate" and persuade fashion writers that "small watches were now in fashion." To a large degree they succeeded, and the well-dressed elite in New York followed suit penning that a real man wears a "reasonably sized watch." I disagreed with their definition of what a reasonable size was.

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Polished screw heads with chamfered slots

A very serious Rolex guy made an interesting comment on this watch when seeing it a few months ago. "So that is what the Rolex GMT Master would look like if it was 42mm wide? Yea, that fits nicely. Rolex should make that." This was of course before Baselworld 2010 when Rolex released a 42mm wide version of their Explorer II. Apparently Rolex also agrees that today their sport watch range is ready for 42mm versus 40mm. Still, the Pepsi dial is not only 40mm wide - so if that size is too small and people want the same look, there is quality stuff like this.

The color options of course go best with the available striped NATO style strap. These have become really popular lately, and the cool black and blue or black and orange NATO straps look really neat with the watch. Being a bracelet guy I prefer the nice three-link bracelet with some nice finishing details and a comfortable fit. I think the gray version looks best with the bracelet. Overall I think Maurice Lacroix did a good job designing a fun sport watch that could also be dressed up a bit.

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Below see a follow up review from the winner of the highly desired Bathys Benthic Ti watch that I gave-away here. Thank you Pat for the thoughts:

Dial: Composed of Monaco rock (west cliff) extracted on February 10th 2011 by Philippe Mondielli, geologist and scientific director of the Prince Albert II of Foundation, accompanied by Luc Pettavino, President of the Monaco Association Against Muscular Dystrophy. Two red transferred lines representing the latitude and the longitude of the exact geographical location of the principality of Monaco.

Some people call it "LUM-TEC's best watch yet." This is the LUM-TEC M26 limited edition watch. Out of the M collection it sports an automatic movement with a power reserve indicator and a solid tungsten carbide case. With a mirror finish and heavy weight - this is one hell of a watch.

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For the dial Romain Jerome is furthering their steampunk-style aesthetic to a partially skeletonized open dial with clear indicators but also a view of the movement. You can see that RJ is using the "solar" style tourbillon carriage. I believe that the movement is likely manually wound and made by Concept. It has the time with subsidiary seconds dial, tourbillon, and thirty minute monopusher chronograph. The pusher is located above the crown. I like the dial but would have preferred that Romain Jerome differentiate the design of the chronograph subdial versus the subsidiary seconds dial. As far as I can tell they are the same aside from the design of the gear in the skeletonized area behind the dial in the movement.

Omega Speedmaster Pro Moonphase ST345.0809

I first wrote about the Christophe Claret 21 Blackjack watch here with more information on just how excited you should be (and why you can't likely afford it). Now for the full scoop. Once I get my hands on it I will get your minds dirty with Christophe Claret watch porn. The 21 Blackjack is the third watch to bear the Christophe Claret name - as his past involved being the "inside guy," making movement for other brands. First was the Dual Tow from 2010, then the Adagio from 2011, and now the 21 Blackjack also for 2011. The spectacular "gamer's" watch will be part of a limited edition of 21 per version set, and have a six figure price (that specifically is below).

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Some of those latter functions are set to a specific city - which of course the Vladimir owner set. What an amazing watch. According to Vacheron Constantin it took over 20 experts to create this one watch. I don't even want to think of the price, but I am really jealous as this watch is totally amazing. This not-so-little-guy on the auction block in a few decades will no doubt fetch a mint.